Beautiful Spiritual Meanings


Aventurine: A gemstone with a meaning and effect to increase happiness. It is a powerful good luck stone known to have a positive effect to increases happiness and bring positive energy.

Quartz: A gemstone that has been appreciated for its lovely reflective qualities and protective properties since ancient times. Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy and intention.

Sandalwood: Cherished for its intense aromatic properties and distinct fragrance. It is valued for increasing the power of your wishes and bringing you good luck, protection and success.

Sunstone: A symbol of the sun and believed to have energy of light inside. It is a powerful aid to bring joy and positive feelings into your life and embodies the warmth, strength and openness of the sun.

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Amazonite: An ancient gemstone known for its beauty and relaxation properties. It has calming and soothing energies, especially during times of stress, and brings luck for all your hopes and dreams.

Aquamarine: Evokes the purity and relaxation of the crystalline sea water. It is calming, soothing, cleansing and inspires truth and letting go. It can be used to promote self-expression.

Howlite: Facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. It also has strong calming and soothing properties and is a gemstone to use to reduce anxiety, tension and stress.

Lepidolite: A beautiful gemstone with gentle soothing energy. It is also a calming stone that aids stress and brings emotional healing. It helps us when we feel anxious or stressed.

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African Turquoise: A gemstone known as the "Stone of Evolution". It is a gemstone that inspires structure and balance to awaken us to our intended purpose. It enlightens us to new wisdom.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body. Solar Plexus Chakra features tiger eye & citrine gemstones and is the energy center of self-confidence, willpower & awareness.

Third Eye Chakra: Chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body. Third Eye Chakra features fluoride & amethysy gemstones and is the energy center of inner guidance and intuition.

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Amethyst: A stunning gemstone cherished by the Ancient Greek. It is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It vibrates at a high frequency and promotes calm, balance and peace.

Heart Chakra: Chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body. Heart Chakra features rose quartz & lepidolite gemstones and is the energy center that holds your emotions.

Rose Quartz: A gemstone of the heart with its beautiful gentle soft essence. It is a stone for every type of love - self-love, family, romantic and unconditional and has the energy to enhance love in any situation.

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Magic Wenge Wood: Beautiful wood used for centuries to create beautiful and inspiring jewelry. It is known for its positive impact to enhance our creativity and also commonly used to protect us from negative energies.

Onyx: An ancient gemstone already valued by Greek and Egyptian emperors. It is a powerful absorbent and transformer of negative energy. It is also know to foster wise decision-making.

Quartz: A gemstone known as "master emotional cleanser" and amplifier of energy. Quartz opens the mind and heart to higher guidance and has properties to purify negative energy.

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