Onyx Mala Bracelet
Onyx Mala Bracelet
Onyx Mala Bracelet
Onyx Mala Bracelet

Onyx Mala Bracelet

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The Strength Mala Bracelet is handmade from a dainty faceted Onyx gemstones (6mm) with 14k gold filled accent and connects you with the beautiful spiritual meanings and positive energy of Mala Jewelry.

Your Mala Bracelet comes with a spiritual meanings card to aid you in setting your positive intentions and a fine linen bag.


Onyx gemstone absorbs and transforms negative energy, aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, fosters wise decision-making, happiness and good fortune, meditation and dreaming.


This mala bracelet is stretchable and adjusts to your wrist. Available wrist sizes (measured around):

Small: 6" or 15cm
Medium: 6.5" or 16.5cm
Large: 7" or 18cm 
Extra Large: 7.5" or 19.5cm

Summary of Beautiful Spiritual Meanings

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