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Sunstone gemstone

Energy Mala Necklace

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Feel the energy and warmth of Sunstone bring an abundance of joy and positive feelings into your life.

Like the vibrant rays of the sun, this gemstone offers the openness of the sun, evoking vitality and positivity.

Sense its energy flow and embrace its strength to open yourself to the abundance life is bringing towards you.

You will receive:

* Your mala necklace hand-knotted with 108 authentic 6mm faceted Sunstone beads and 14k gold filled accents
* A meanings card to support you in setting your intentions
* A short guide on how to use your mala necklace for meditation
* A fine soft-woven bag to protect your necklace

If this is a gift, please leave the gift message in the cart message field! We would love to include a hand written card for your loved ones.

Combine with the matching Energy Mala Bracelet or get creative and get the Custom Necklace for you!

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