10 Simple Steps Towards Achieving Your Desires


 1. Desire - Ask yourself what you desire and follow your feelings, heart and mind - you will find your path.
2. Strength - When you are looking for change in your life, start from a place of desire and strength, not of incompleteness or need.


3. Mindfulness - Change your perception of your circumstances and align your thoughts with what you want in the future - change is just one thought away.

4. Self-love - Appreciate yourself - the more you do, the more everyone else will too and the easier your life will get.



5. Transformation - Take action towards your dreams - be consistently behaving and thinking as if your dreams are already a reality

6. Trust - Have trust in your life - trust that everything is going your way, and your life will become effortless 



7. Affirmations - Repeatedly say and feel what you want to experience - putting emotions in your words and thoughts - choose thoughts and words of abundance

8. Wealth - Ask for wealth and abundance and visualize it coming to you quickly and easily - stretch your thoughts



9. Visualize your Life - Visualize 5-10 mins a day - focusing on the end result - and let your life find the way - enjoy the journey

10. Abundance - Imagine the emotions, joy, and sensations that you expect to feel once you have achieved your desired life